Why Parent ProTech? 

Do you know what your child is exposed to online?

At Parent ProTech, we are equipping families, educators, and students with the tools and knowledge to enable children and youth to thrive online.

What is Parent ProTech? 

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In this course, you will:

  • Learn about new technology and trends

  • Discover parental restrictions to enable monitoring and online safety

  • Navigate setting parental controls that promote trust between parent and child

  • Set recommendations for platforms to limit exposure of online threats

Course Topics

If They Use It, We Covered It

Our course has individual chapters covering parental restrictions on smartphones, all major social media platforms, gaming consoles, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my child need restrictions? Why do I need to be concerned?

    The average age at which children are beginning to interact with phones, social media apps, gaming consoles, and computers is decreasing at a rapid rate. The internet is not always a safe environment for young people to operate with no restrictions or protections. Online predators, explicit and vulgar content, and hackers are all looking to take advantage of victims who unknowingly are at risk. There are many common practices that can easily be set in place by parents with the right set of tools. We have created a toolkit and we want to share it with you. Parent’s have taken on a new role of digital parenting that requires an additional set of precautions. Without any form of information or familiarity with a child’s technology usage, a parent may be putting their child at risk.

  • Is this course going to take a lot of time to complete?

    The goal of this course is not “completion”. The goal is to equip parents with a toolkit for their child’s digital security. We have provided a way to learn exactly what you need to know, without any “fluff” content. The course will teach you about platforms that are being used by the majority of today’s youth and exactly how to work with them. Each topic(ex. Instagram) can be covered in 20 minutes or less. The lessons you complete are at your discretion.

  • My child uses some of the technology covered in the class, but not all of them. Will I need to learn about apps and devices that don’t apply to my situation?

    In short, no: Our course covers as many different popular types of technologies and apps as we could find. However, each app and device are covered in their own unique chapters. We have created a course where your time and energy are completely customizable based on your child’s devices and age. For example: if you are primarily concerned about Snapchat and Instagram, you can skip directly to these two lessons. If you ever need the other content, it will be waiting for you when you decide to utilize it.

Meet Your Instructors

Creative Diretor Joshua Adams

Joshua has a heart for people and their stories. As a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wofford College, he studied government, international relations, and digital media. His professional pursuits have taken him from the White House and news outlets, to managing social media channels with 5+M subscribers. Along with his wife, Alexa, he loves traveling, reading, and spending time with their dog, Olive. He wants to equip families, teachers, and youth with the tools to thrive online.

Co-Founder Brock Murphy

Brock graduated from Texas A&M University in 2020 with a degree in Agricultural Economics and has a strong background in entrepreneurship - starting his first company, a longhorn cattle operation, at the age of 12. Following graduation, he took a position at the White House in the Office of Management and Budget where he served in the Office of Federal Financial Management and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Following his time there, he went on to work at SpaceX in Brownsville, Texas. Brock is committed to preserving and protecting the future for our Nation’s youth and knows that Parent ProTech plays an important role in doing so.

Co-Founder Drew Wooten

Drew Wooten is a Mechanical Engineering student at Oklahoma State University and has a passion for all things related to technology. With strict parents growing up, Drew had a lot of boundaries set on his technology. He found that although his parents tried to control his tech usage, he could always find loopholes. Drew shares his talent for finding loopholes in digital parenting strategies to create air-tight tools for parents to utilize. Drew decided to share his expertise to help parents avoid the same situation his parents found themselves facing.

Course Curriculum Preview

    1. What is Parent ProTech?

    2. 10 Steps to Introducing Your Child to Social Media & The Internet

    1. What is TikTok?

    2. How do I navigate TikTok?

    3. How do I interact on TikTok?

    4. How do I protect my child's privacy on TikTok?

    5. Should I be worried about my family's data on TikTok?

    6. Should my child under 13 be on TikTok?

    7. TikTok In Review: Is TikTok worth the risk?

    8. ProTech Score

    9. TikTok Feedback

    1. What is Instagram?

    2. How do I navigate Instagram?

    3. How do I track activity on Instagram?

    4. What features help keep my teen safe on Instagram?

    5. How do I supervise my teen on Instagram?

    6. Instagram In Review: Should my teen be on Instagram?

    7. ProTech Score

    8. Instagram Feedback

    1. What is Snapchat?

    2. How do I use Snapchat?

    3. What should I be worried about on Snapchat?

    4. How can I protect my child's privacy on Snapchat?

    5. Snapchat In Review: Should my teen be on Snapchat?

    6. ProTech Score

    7. Snapchat Feedback

    1. What is Twitter?

    2. How do I use Twitter?

    3. What is a tweet?

    4. How do I protect my child's privacy on Twitter?

    5. Twitter In Review: Should my child be on Twitter?

    6. ProTech Score

    7. Twitter Feedback

    1. What is BeReal?

    2. How do I use BeReal?

    3. How does my child interact with their friends on BeReal?

    4. Should I be worried about my child's privacy on BeReal?

    5. BeReal In Review: Should my child be on BeReal?

    6. ProTech Score

    7. BeReal Feedback

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